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Conception: It Takes Three.

We often think that having a baby takes two, but I believe that it takes three: the male and female element (ie. mom and dad, mom(s) and sperm donor, dad(s) and egg donor, etc), and the child's soul.

I truly believe that our children choose us, and that if we are conceiving in a conscious way, then we choose them, too. Having a baby can be a beautiful experience where you are in communication with the spirit of your child and the two (or three if there are two parents and both are involved in this process) of you are co-creating the full experience.

One way to think of all of this is that life exists on two planes. On the physical plane are the parents who are desiring to bring a child into the world. On the spiritual plane are souls who are wanting to incarnate and are looking for women on the physical plane who are ready, willing, and able to bring in new life. The same way that you meet people every day who are joyful, or angry, or pessimistic, or upbeat, you see the same thing in the spirit world. Some souls are genuinely kind, loving and warm. Others are not.

As the person who will be carrying this child, you have the power to decide which soul(s) you are willing to bring into the world, and which ones you aren't.

Conscious conception is about getting in touch with these energies and in a sense 'interviewing' one another to see whether or not your soul and the child's soul would be a good fit for each other.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that several spiritual teachings point to the idea that like attracts like. So if you're approaching fertility from a place of sadness, fear or desperation, you are more likely to attract a soul who resonates with that. On the other hand if you come to your fertility journey from a place of strength and power, knowing that you are a giver of life and knowing that you have choices about who you want to invite in, then you are more likely to attract a soul who also knows his/her worth, and who stands in his/her own power.

So get centered, Mama, and put the call out to the Universe. Be clear about what kind of soul you're wanting to invite into your womb and into your family. Tune in, and be patient- the soul you're looking for is also looking for you.

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