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 I've had a real interest in healing and Nature since I was a child. When I wasn't playing outside I was studying animals and presenting my findings to my parents and brother (I'm sure they were thrilled!) My mother took me to see naturopathic doctors, homeopaths and chiropractors when I was growing up so natural healing has been a big part of my life since the very beginning. I remember going to see one specific practitioner when I was 12 years old.  He treated a physical concern by identifying and clearing an emotional trauma that happened when I was 8. I was amazed and I remember thinking that when I grow up, I want to help people the same way that he does. He passed away before I could be mentored by him professionally, but in the mysterious way that the Universe works, I found myself in the office of a naturopathic doctor who had been his close friend and colleague for 40 years. We had an instant connection and this ND became one of my most important mentors. It all came full circle when he introduced me to the technique that healed me when I was 12. It's called neuro-emotional technique and it's one of the many modalities that I work with in my practice. 

I believe that health concerns provide us with a valuable opportunity to pause and reconnect with ourselves in order to explore and understand what our symptoms may be trying to communicate to us. My passion is supporting you through that exploration and guiding you to a greater sense of health and wellbeing through a combination of awareness-based tools of inquiry, and natural medicines (should they be required).

I welcome all new patients and I have a special interest in women's health, pediatrics and fertility. 

Outside of my clinical practice, I'm mom to a (wild and hilarious) 5-year old, an avid cyclist and probably the biggest nerd you will ever meet. I live with my daughter in the Stratford/Woodstock area.

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