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Spring Detox!

Spring is finally here and this is a wonderful time of year to do a gentle detoxification protocol for optimal health. The same way that many of us do a spring clean of our home, cleaning our body and digestive system after a long winter is a great way to take care of our health.


Through the winter months, many of us tend to consume heavier foods like meat, potatoes and higher fat foods that feel like comfort during the cold, dark days of winter. I don't know about you but salads and smoothies just don't appeal to me in the winter. Soups, stews, curries, cheeses and various meats definitely do. Energetically we tend to crave foods that are warming and grounding, rather than cooling and expanding. As the spring time returns, we may suddenly feel the desire to eat more fresh vegetables and lighter foods. When that desire shows up, it's a good indication that the body is ready for a gentle cleanse of the liver, kidneys and intestines.

On top of eating a more rich diet over winter, the other reality is that we live in a world that is not as pure as the world that our parents and grandparents inhabited. Whether it's chemicals in our drinking water or cosmetic products, pesticides on our food, or pharmaceuticals (including over the counter ones), we are exposed to a pretty heavy toxic burden these days. Being aware of this can help us make choices that aid our body in opening the channels of detoxification so that we can allow most of these toxins to leave the body without settling in and causing harm.


There are lots of detoxification protocols out there and it's mostly about choosing the one that's right for you. Here are some of the main ways that people can detoxify.

  1. Fasting: Fasting for a set amount of time is a good way to reset your body. Therapeutic fasting requires preparation and ideally should be monitored by a health care professional. Some people water-fast, others will cut out specific foods for a set period of time. There are many ways to do it but preparation is key.

  2. Teas and tinctures: this form of cleansing uses plants like dandelion, nettle, milk thistle, burdock, black walnut, and others that have the ability to clean various parts of the digestive system. Often teas can be sipped through the day and various tinctures added to them to enhance or upgrade the therapeutic effects.

  3. Homeopathic detoxification: various combination remedies that are designed to detoxify on the cellular level, the cells of the liver, kidneys, and intestines may be used. I find this to be one of the most robust forms of cleansing.

  4. Working with foods: apple cider vinegar, citrus, fermented foods, fresh salad greens-- especially bitter flavoured ones like arugula-- sprouts, etc. are all wonderful foods to include in your diet while you detox. They have their own cleansing properties and will help with establishing a more alkaline body chemistry, as well as gut microbiome.

  5. Various combinations of the above methods. I find this works well and this is how I practice for my own health. For example if you drink coffee, you may choose to give that up for a month or so while you consume teas that will clean out your system. If you consume more sugar or processed food than you know is ideal, this would be a good time to remove those things for the duration of your cleanse.

  6. Sauna: This is my all time favourite form of detox and this can be done daily, weekly, monthly, or anytime you're able to access a sauna. The best type of sauna for maximum benefit is a far-infrared sauna. For an in-depth discussion on the benefits of sauna, particularly infrared sauna, check out this episode of the Wild Fed Podcast.


One thing that I tell every patient before we consider a detox protocol is that their digestion must be working well. More specifically they must be having at least one full bowel movement daily. If this is not in place prior to a detox, it can worsen the patient's condition because you may be liberating toxins without giving them a way out of the body. The very first step for anyone considering a detox is to assess their digestive health and make sure it's working well before initiating any form of detoxification.


Absolutely, and in fact, I encourage it! There are easy ways to encourage children to detoxify and certain minerals that help them to do this effectively.

**Please note: this article is meant for education purposes only. This is not medical advice. Detoxification may not be appropriate for everyone depending on their health. For specific guidance including dosages, time-frames and what might be best for your specific case, please book an appointment.


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