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Loving your Body Through Infertility

Your body is sacred,

Your body is aware,

Your body is wise,

Your body is capable of healing.

And so it is.

When dealing with health challenges it's not uncommon to develop a difficult relationship with your body. When dealing with infertility, this is often heightened because reproduction is seen as being natural and easy.

Healing your relationship with your body is an important step toward wholeness, and reclaiming your own power on your fertility journey. This is the vessel that carries your beautiful and vibrant spirit. It is also the vessel that will grow, nourish and bring your child into the world one day. Treat it with the respect and kindness that it deserves, even (and especially!) if currently you're feeling angry, disappointed, ashamed, hopeless or worried that you will never get pregnant. It's very difficult to move forward when your energy toward your body is anything other than trusting and loving. Your love for your body must be unconditional, even if you never get pregnant. It's important to be in right relationship with your body.

Some of the ways that we can begin to heal our relationship is by doing any or all of the following:

1. I prescribe letter writing to pretty much every person that I work with because it is such an effective way of releasing your emotions. Write a letter to your reproductive organs. BE HONEST. Say exactly what you feel, do not hold back. Whatever you feel is perfectly fine, just get it down on paper. Notice what comes up.

2. Write a letter AS your reproductive organs. Let your womb and ovaries express how they feel. You might be surprised by what comes up when you give them a chance to speak and share their experience.

3. Show some love. This isn't some hippie notion. Love carries the energy of healing and it is a vital aspect of recovery and good health. Notice when your body does something right. Maybe you haven't been able to conceive, but your cycles are regular. Maybe you have great digestion, maybe you have beautiful skin. Notice all of it and give thanks. Really give thanks from a place of genuine gratitude. We so often only notice the negatives, but it's vital that we notice the positives too. Chances are there are more positives than negatives at any given moment.

4. Forgive your body. Whatever has happened can't be changed. What can be changed is how you relate to it. Forgive your body for whatever you feel it has done to hurt you. It is never your body's intention to harm or cause upset. In fact, it's just the opposite.

5. Do something that makes you feel good physically. Get a massage, go to the spa, go for a walk in the forest, spend the day in bed, go for a run, dance, etc. Do anything that feels physically good. Pleasure is an important aspect of health and wellness that often gets put to the side. Reconnect with pleasure and indulge in that as often as you can/want to.

Your body is absolutely perfect just as it is. See it this way as often as you can.

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