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Calling In the Spirit of your Child: Dreamtime

One of the ways to call in the Spirit of your (unconceived) child is to ask to meet them in the dreamtime. When we sleep at night, we are able to travel to other times and places without restriction. You may have experienced this in your own past dreams. Perhaps you've traveled to a landscape that isn't your own, or you met people who you may or may not know if your waking reality. I believe that in part, dreams are a channel through which our souls are able to travel and we can experience the world as truly connected- not separated by time or space. Before conceiving my own daughter, our souls met and communicated in the dreamtime on a regular basis.

To connect with your baby's spirit, here are some tips:

1. Set the intention before you go to bed. Ask to meet the spirit of your child. This establishes an open channel and energetically opens up the lines of communication.

2. Take each dream you receive seriously. After you've asked, write down each dream you receive even if the dream seems unrelated. This gets you in the habit of recalling your dreams, and lets your subconscious mind know that you take it seriously.

3. Use your intuition. If a child shows up in your dreams, ask yourself on waking whether or not this child feels like it could be yours. You can even go into a meditation later and bring the child to your mind and ask whether or not this child is yours. Trust your first instinct.

4. Be patient as it may take some time for your child to show up. You're playing the long game with dreams. I can't stress this enough. Dream work can be complex and tricky territory and it's not always as clear as we would like it to be. My experience of dreams is that the more we engage with them, and the more we sit with them, the more they reveal to us OVER TIME.

Once you've made the connection, nurture it by writing down your dreams, and continuing to ask the child to show up. You can even ask specific questions and see if you receive answers in the dreamtime.

Happy dreaming <3

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