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Energetic Reasons That May Be Impacting Your Ability to Conceive

We are energetic beings. Our emotions, our past experiences, and our expectations play a big part in our healing. Here are a few energetic situations that may be impacting your ability to conceive.

1. Unhealed ancestral trauma around conception, pregnancy, childbirth, or raising children. What our ancestors experienced gets passed down to us energetically and genetically. It is not uncommon for a woman whose mother miscarried to be afraid of experiencing the same thing, EVEN IF the woman herself is not consciously aware that this happened to her mother (and even when the woman herself has no specific reason to worry about miscarriage). Keep in mind that ancestral trauma going back several generations can impact you on various levels including mentally and physically. If you are consciously aware of any family members who have had to endure the pain of miscarriage, losing an infant or child, or any other associated trauma, chances are you have a subconscious resonance with this experience and it is important to explore and release it. This is especially true if there has been no healing work done around the original trauma. What doesn't get healed usually gets passed on.

2. You've worked with fertility doctors (conventional and/or alternative) and everything seems to be fine physically. There has been no specific diagnosis, no organic issues within the reproductive system, no significant hormonal imbalance. You've tried naturally to get pregnant and haven't succeeded, you've even done IUI and maybe even IVF but without success. Everyone is hopeful that maybe on the next round it will work, but it just hasn't. This type of situation is a big red flag that there are likely to be some underlying energetic issues.

3. Lots of negative self-talk or expecting the worst. This can take many forms. It can be the feeling that things will never work out for you. The sense that everyone else seems to be getting pregnant but not you, starting to feel like something must be wrong with you, feeling undeserving, feeling guilty, fearful, resentful or angry. This is a situation when it's very important to work through these emotions and explore any limiting beliefs or thought patterns that are getting in the way of the outcome you're seeking.

4. You just have an intuitive sense that you're missing something. You can't explain it, but deep down you have a feeling that there is more to the picture than what you're seeing.

5. You've been diagnosed with infertility (or some other condition that impacts your ability to conceive or carry a child) and even though you're doing all the right things, you're seeing no change. When the body doesn't shift even with our best efforts, usually there is an underlying cause that hasn't been addressed. Often this cause is found in the mental, emotional or spiritual realm.

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