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The Energetics of Fertility

Energetics are such an overlooked aspect of fertility. Your body responds to the deeper vibrations that surround it, so in order to change your physiology, it is often necessary to change your vibrational energy.

We live in a culture that is very masculine in nature. We value competition, hustling/being busy, pushing through, and productiveness. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, two things should be considered in the context of fertility. First, is masculine energy the most ideal energy when it comes to calling in new life, and nourishing that new life?

...Probably not...

Second, if there is no balance between the masculine and feminine then burn out and fatigue can take over. It is difficult to conceive or create when you're exhausted physically, emotionally, mentally or otherwise (and let's be real: when you're trying to conceive and it's just not happening, it's exhausting on so many levels). I think that it's vital to reconnect with and embrace the feminine.

What are some aspects that are associated with the feminine?


(Questions to ask yourself: how are you with rest? Do you rest/are you able to rest? Do you experience any guilt/shame/conflict about resting? When you rest do you actually feel fully relaxed?)


(Questions to ask yourself: how are you with receiving? How do you feel when someone gives you something? Is there any form of receiving that makes you uncomfortable?)


(Questions to ask yourself: are you aware of your intuition? Do you listen to it? Do you spend time cultivating your intuition? When is your intuition strongest? Where is it the strongest?)


(Questions to ask yourself: how do you feel when you spend time with yourself? How do you connect with yourself? How frequently? Do you trust yourself or do you allow the opinions of others to override what you feel/know to be true?)

I would also add dreaming, night-time and the moon.

A good way to begin to assess whether you're more in masculine energy is to ask yourself honestly how you're feeling. Are you tired? Is your body holding any tension? How deeply are you breathing? What’s in your heart? If you're feeling tired, overwhelmed, pressured, anxious or stressed out, there is a very good chance that you're unbalanced in your masculine/feminine energy.

One of my favourite ways to come back into my feminine is to connect with Nature, specifically the moon.There is a totally different energy at night. If it calls to you, sit on the Earth under the moonlight and just allow the earth, the moon, and the night-time to hold you. There is power in that. You may also notice that your intuition is stronger, or that your dreams are more vivid in this environment.

It doesn't matter how you connect to the feminine, the important thing is to start. There is so much healing and wisdom for you there ❤️

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