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Calling in the Spirit of your Baby

How can we connect with the spirit of our child before they are conceived? There isn't a formula and different people will connect in different ways at different times. Some of the most effective approaches that I've experienced are the following:

  • Dreams: before falling asleep, set the intention to meet your child's spirit during the dream-time. Trust whatever comes. This may take several nights. Persist and remain open.

  • Chanting: there are different chants that can be used to call in the spirit of your baby. During an appointment I walk you through the chants that I've experienced to be helpful and I assist you in making sense of what you experienced, if it is unclear to you.

  • Journeying with a drum: the drum is a powerful tool that allows your consciousness to travel to various different places. Not only does the beat put you into a different state of consciousness, I find that often it helps patients to mentally let go, which makes journeying much easier.

  • Guided imagery and meditation: many people respond well to this approach and it is especially helpful for someone who is new to journeying or other spiritual forms of exploration.

Whatever way works for you is just fine. If you have other ideas or experiences, I'd love to hear about them!

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