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What does it feel like to communicate with the Spirit of your baby?

This is a very common and natural question that I get regularly. What does it feel like, and how will I know that I've communicated with my child?

The short answer is that you will know. It will be a distinct feeling that you have. If you've never experienced it before, it may take some time before you learn what it feels like for you, and how to trust it, but over time it will be unmistakable.

The longer answer is that whether we are working together in-office or remotely, I will help you prepare your mind and body beforehand, to shift into a different state of awareness. What we are intending to achieve is a state of relaxation, receptivity, and intuition. When we do this type of work, our usual approach to life (which for most of us is rooted in logic and reason) isn't helpful. In fact it can even get in the way of being able to connect meaningfully. To connect with the Spirit world, we need to get out of the head and into the heart.

How will you know whether you're in your head or your heart? This is a rough guide to help give you an idea:

When you're in your HEAD: many thoughts may be swirling around your mind; you may have some anxiety; you wonder, "am I doing this right?"; you try to analyze every aspect of your experience AS it is happening; your body may feel tight; you might be very aware of your surroundings (noise, temperature, etc) even with eyes closed; you may feel a sense of mistrust in your experience.

When you're in your HEART: you feel more relaxed on all levels; you're in an almost dream-like state (like the state between waking and dreaming); you're calm; you're open to the experience without analyzing or jumping to conclusions; you're less aware of your surroundings- fully present instead within your own spiritual experience; you trust the experience that you're having.

When you're in your heart and you're connecting to the spirit of your baby you will know it. For some people there is a lightness that shows up emotionally, for others it brings tears to their eyes. For others still there is just a sense of ease, or gentle wonder and excitement.

Everyone's experience is different, but the most important thing is to ensure that you are starting your journey once you've entered your heart space. It is only from this place that you will be able to receive meaningful and accurate information.

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