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Water is essential to all of life. The quality of the water we drink is critical for health. I do not recommend drinking unfiltered tap water as your main source of drinking water. It is well documented that tap water contains various potentially harmful contaminants including but not limited to: several different pharmaceuticals, chlorine, chloramines,  fluoride, lead, pesticides, herbicides, birth control pills, and VOCs-- just to name a few. It's a good idea to purchase a filtration system that removes these and many other contaminants.

The water system I've been using for years is called The Berkey.

The reason I love it is that it provides the purest water you can get. If you're active like I am and love to camp and cottage it will allow you to make freshwater perfectly drinkable. Finally, you won't find a more economical system.

You can find more information and order your Berkey here.

Water Glasses

If you're interested in learning more about water in general, look into structured water. This is a fascinating topic! Some books I would recommend include:

  • The Water Codes by Carly Nuday, PhD.

  • The Fourth Phase of Water by Gerald H. Pollack

  • Dancing with Water: The new science of water by MJ Pangman (

  • Cancer and the New Biology of Water by Thomas Cowan, MD

Check out the Somavedic, which helps to structure your drinking water and mitigate the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

You'll receive 10% off your order with discount code: solnaturopathic

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