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Important Details

This workshop will run for six consecutive Saturdays over Zoom

Time: Saturdays 1-2:30pm (March 20th to April 24th)

Replays will be available for 1 week after each session for those who have to miss a session. Active and consistent participation is encouraged.


Investment: early bird is $425 until March 12th; regular fee as of March $450.

Method of payment: e-transfer.

*payment plans can be made available. Please email us for details if needed.

Our Intention for this workshop

Plants are conscious beings and they are very open to helping humanity. Our intention for this workshop is to help you connect more deeply with yourself through the guidance of Hawthorn. Humanity is in a time of global awakening (some call it a crisis). On a collective level we notice that many people are afraid, isolated and sometimes, quite unwell. It’s especially important during times likes these to gather in sacred community and go deep within ourselves to connect to our inner wisdom, guidance and strength.  In every crisis we are given the opportunity to raise our level of consciousness and align more deeply with our individual soul-path as we move forward. We feel that Hawthorn could be a wonderful plant ally for us during this time of awakening and we’d love to help guide you on that journey.


Participants will be encouraged to think of an intention to work with over the course of the workshop.

Where will I get Hawthorn?

You will be mailed a package containing Hawthorn berries upon registration. You will be charged a $15 flat shipping fee. Free delivery is available to Stratford residents.


What if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

It is suitable for pregnant and/or nursing women to consume Hawthorn in the way that we will be working with it in this workshop.


Can I get this covered under my naturopathic benefits?

Unfortunately, no.


Do I have to have previous experience working with plants?

No previous experience is necessary to attend this workshop.

Approximate outline of each session

Each individual session will include the following general format: opportunity to discuss what’s coming up for participants related to their work with Hawthorn. There will be some form of teaching from Falon and/or Renata. There will be a time when we can all consume Hawthorn and Renata will drum as we journey with Hawthorn. There will be an opportunity to share your experience (if you feel called to) and get some feedback about how to understand and integrate any insights that were gathered on your journey.

Sessions are intended to build on one another and group participation is encouraged.

Other special notes

We would advise you not to read about this plant before the workshop because it’s always very interesting what insight we can acquire when we go directly to the plant, instead of to books or internet sources. There are ways of knowing that come from our intuition and heart field. This is something that we will explore in more detail during the workshop.


Private integration and support sessions are available from both Falon and Renata at an additional cost.

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