April 9, 2019

Energetics are such an overlooked aspect of fertility. Your body responds to the deeper vibrations that surround it, so in order to change your physiology, it is often necessary to change your vibrational energy.

We live in a culture that is very masculine in nature. We...

April 3, 2019

Life is ceremony.

Your body has her own sacred rhythms,

Allow yourself to slow down,

allow yourself to tune in,

Allow yourself to receive.

When was the last time you took the time to connect to, and celebrate your moontime? For most women this isn't something that ever cr...

March 22, 2019

We are energetic beings.  Our emotions, our past experiences, and our expectations play a big part in our healing. Here are a few energetic situations that may be impacting your ability to conceive.

1. Unhealed ancestral trauma around conception, pregnancy, childbirth,...

October 10, 2017

A post about honouring the moon time and allowing our own wisdom to shine through while our body releases whatever needs to be shed physically + emotionally

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